Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Cuttlebug Spot ~ Children's Games

This weeks challenge is to make something inspired by children's games! Well I really thought about this one...forever! I had to go with a classic in the video game industry... Pacman and Ms. Pacman! I loved this game growing up! We didn't have it at our house though, my Dad said NO, but ever chance I got I played it at friends houses! Dear Dad would have been right... I would have never done home work , chores , see the out doors etc! Thanks Dad!
So I tried to find the colors in the game. I used spellbinders for my circles and my label. I used swiss dots folder to try and mimic the dots they had to eat. As  looked at them ... perfect card for someone who has been together forever... like them! Oops forgot... stamps from Emma...
Please don't mind the photo. I try to take my photos in natural light... outside... it is 16 degrees here, windy and still snow cover!
Hope you enjoy...


  1. I remember pac-man loved that game also. your card turned out super cute. love it

  2. This is so stinkin' cute and brings back some fun memories! LOL!

  3. kim..i have to admit i was never good at video games but pac man i liked to play ;p

    the card is it!

    and it is cold here too...brrrr!

  4. VEry vute Kim! Love it! Looks great!

    Tori xx

  5. Oh what a great idea! I love your mr & mrs Pacman, so creative! Fabulous take on this weeks challenge. Thanks so much for joining us

  6. Thank you so much Kim for your compliment! It was indeed a lot of work but it was worth it!
    Love your take on the Challenge as well, sooooooooooo cute!!

  7. LOVE your card. The mr and mrs is so cute! I loved pac-man when I was a kid. Your card brought back a childhood of course I will have to share. My dad used to take me and my sister to a pizza shop in town that had video game machines..(remember those)? My dad was so super sweet because he would sit there for hours and let me and my sis play pac-man (of course we had pizza too). We used to have so much fun. Thanks for reminding me of my sister today and bringing back a great childhood memory. I will send you my address so you can send me this card! HAHA, I crack myself ya!:)


  8. What a great card!! I love the way they are going for the heart in the middle!

  9. oh man I loved pacman!! granted i was never good at it, lol. Your card is soooo cute. It all looks great together.
    Thanks for the memory.
    Jess :)